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Benefits Of Betel Leaf For Acne

Betel leaf (in Latin called Piper betle L) could be developed on the tropical locales, so it is regular that in Indonesia a lot we meet the betel plant. Here are the profits of betel leaf is functional for people:

1. For Health

Betel leaf holds vital oils inferred from the substance of betiephenol, sesquiterpenes, starch, diatase, sugar and tannin substances which have the force and kavikol savage germs, cancer prevention agents and fungicides, against parasitic. Since the substance of betel leaves this mind boggling, might be utilized to cure a few infections, for example:

Skin break out, pimple inflamation how to perform a pack utilizing a 4-6 betel leaves are smashed. At that point Dab on face with skin inflammation. Do it each night until level and mend skin inflammation.

Nosebleeds. Betel leaf is utilized to quit draining from the nostrils (generally called nosebleed). The way is simple, just take a bit of betel leaf, then moved and put into the nostrils. In the event that the draining has ceased, betel leaf might be evacuated.

Whitish. The trap: bubble 10 betel leaves were washed into 2.5 liters of water. At that point utilize the betel leaf bubbled water to wash the vagina. Do it again and again until there is a change.

Wipe out terrible breath. How: 5-6 bits of betel leaf bubbled in 2 mugs water to mendidih.dinginkan and strain, then utilize a flush each morning and evening.

Wiping out Body Odor. How: 2-3 bits of betel leaves let in ½ measure high temp water. At that point additionally include a teaspoon of white sugar. Let warm. Differentiate betel leaf with water. At that point you can drink the water.

2. Fancy Plants

Betel leaves can additionally be utilized to embellish your home. You can plant the betel leaf plants in pots and put set up are satisfying to the eye. You could presumably put in shut the lavatory, or on the top porch.

3. Bug repellent

Bugs, for example ants don't like the odor of key oils discharged by the betel leaf. Assuming that you need to need to repulse ants from a specific spot, please utilize the betel leaf. The way is additionally truly simple, you just take a couple of betel leaves then after that cut into pieces and put it in the area you need.

4. To Snack

Betel leaves can likewise be changed into a nibble (snacks) are exceptional to consume. One of them is by making chips betel leaf. Materials used to make these chips is a betel leaf salt, coriander, turmeric, garlic, rice flour, egg and a bit water. To process them, pounded coriander, turmeric, garlic, nutmeg and salt into a fine. At that point enter into the bowl and blend with eggs and give somewhat water kedalmnya. After that blend until equitably blended.

Betel leaf clean up to start with, and uproot the malodorous resemble betel leaves by bubbling preceding 3 minutes. At that point wash and dry in the sun to dry. In the wake of drying enter into the mixture and sear in oil utilization. Be betel leaf chips

5. Increment sexual craving

Generally betel leaf utilized for this reason as making the female organs (vagina) be doormat. Might be utilized as the herb to be washed to dispose of vaginal release, or could likewise be blended with different fixings, for example kaffir lime peel and sandalwood for fumigation in the vagina. The objective is to adjust dampness, and as a germicide. And in addition to expand female sexual arousal, on the grounds that vaginal smell mat and will build trust for ladies. 

Profits of Coffee for Natural Beauty

Counting beverage espresso that hails from beans separated in the wake of handling. Also kefein content in espresso, java clearly likewise has some great substance for wonderfulness, for example apples and oranges acids, lipids, natural acids, minerals, alkaloids, iron, magnesium, and potassium.

Notwithstanding the utilization of cafe is not just acquired by following through to its logical end yet could be utilized within a path spread on the figure, particularly for delightfulness. The wonderfulness profits of espresso for instance, to enhance the face, skin, hair, and others.

Here are a few profits of espresso for the wonderfulness that could be connected to day-to-day without the requirement for costly medication.

-Lessen and counteract wrinkles on the skin

-Counteract skin break out advancing

-Smooth Skin

-Dispose of Cellulite

-Aid in evacuating skin cells that have passed on

-Supply You supplements for the skin

-Kill chafed skin

-Disposes of figure smell

In the wake of knowing the profits of espresso for wonderfulness, then here might be a bit uncover how to utilize java as a characteristic fixing for delightfulness.

Reviving facial skin

The trap is extremely straightforward, to be specific to get ready a glass of espresso and put in cooler until solidified. When solidified take and rubbed on the face until mixed. At that point flush with clean water and feel the impression of her face will feel new once more.

Skin Revitalization

Arrange give or take 3 spoons of cafe and 1 tsp milk. Blend the two fixings until mixed until it turns into a glue. At that point apply on face like wearing cleans with a round movement until mixed. Let stand until dry then after that wash with clean water and dry with a material or towel while in pat.

Tighten the skin

Clean your face with face wash to start with, then rubbing the face utilizing a result of java that has been imagined moisturizer utilizing cotton. Let stand a couple of minutes then flush with clean water. The espresso result other than to tighten facial skin was likewise ready to take out the tan color of the skin.

Skin smoothing and thinning

To start with clean the form utilizing an exceptional brush form, then lulurkan espresso that has been pounded unpleasant as she rubbed onto every part of the figure as a scour.

Indeed this practice is known in the Indian State which is accepted to be thinning if finished routinely and consistently, on the grounds that the juice substance

in espresso can encourage the figure to devastate terrible fats.

Dark hair

Plan pretty nearly take 2 eggs yolk, 1 tablespoon rum, 2 tablespoons of warm water, 1 tablespoon vegetable oil, and 1 tablespoon of ground espresso. Blend all elements and blend well, then apply to hair and let sit for around the range of 5 minutes. Afterward wash with warm water to clean.

Hostile to cellulite

Step by step instructions to get ready and process the espresso powder into a cover. After that, apply the cover on the skin of cellulite and permit more or less 15 minutes then wash with water until 

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7 Things That Only Unique There In Japan

1. In Japan, the number "4" and "9" is not supported, so regularly there is no room number "4" and "9". "4" is purported "shi" sound the same, which implies "dead", while "9" is maintained "ku", which sounds the same, which implies "kurushii / sad".

2. Japanese individuals like the number "8". The costs of products for the most part close in "8". Drain for instance 198 yen. Be that as it may as the standards right now require that recorded the thing cost might as well as of recently incorporate charges, so possibly this propensity will vanish. (Market = Yaoya = composing kanji peruses happyaku-yes or store 800).

3. In the event that June through August timeframe, cleanser musical shows on Tv frequently nampilin inhaling things spooky (phantom).

4. Criminologist dramatizations on Tv, the sound of sirens (kyukyusha) more often than not show up in the early minutes. At the finish of the story, before frantically battles frauds more often than not dependably let all know the privileged insights of his unlawful acts.

5. Instructions to read Japanese content there are two: the same as the book lettered Roman letters in order, the letters read through and through, the second is from the far right section to the left, with the goal that the front and again of the book against the Roman letter set book (front page was in "parts back ").

6. We (Indonesia) and partners from Southeast Asia ordinarily when presenting yourself (jiko-shokai) frequently start with "minasan, konnichiwa" or "minasan, konbanwa". Maybe this is on the grounds that the Indonesian propensity to dependably begin a discourse with a salutary supper, and so on.. Anyhow it turns ungainly to listening to the Japanese, since it is comparative to the news on Tv. May as well start by straightforwardly calling the name and connection. For instance, "Tanaka Ken M1 no Anto desu .... etc..", Do not have to "Minasan .. konnichiwa ...".

7. The foremost trouble that shows up in the regulatory issues in Japan, when requested what the name from your family?, Because we are not obliged in Indonesia and some South East Asian nations to incorporate the family name 

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Ponders of the World On Planet Mars

Scratches is regarded as the "star of fiery breakout" by antiquated Chinese space experts. Contemporary scientists frequently imply it as the red planet.

Despite the fact that portions of rocket have been sent to Mars, much remains perplexing and raises inquiries regarding the planet. These are a percentage of the puzzles of Mars is fascinating tuning in, as Nasa plans launch wahananya, Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity, there on 25 November.

1. Why does Mars have two diverse countenances?

Analysts as far back as anyone can remember asked why the two sides of the planet Mars has a striking contrast? Northern side of the equator of Mars could be said to be level and level lying, indeed, incorporating a standout amongst the most level surfaces, generally sensitive in the earth's planetary group. Conditions were presumably shaped by water that once streamed on the surface of the suspected red planet.

In the mean time, interestingly, the southern half of the globe of Mars has a tough surface, berkawah, and around the range of 4 km to 8 km higher than the northern side of the equator. Later confirmation accelerated gauges that the distinction between the north and south sides of Mars was initiated by a monster shake from space that hit Mars in the past.

2. Where the inception of methane on Mars?

Methane is the most effortless natural particle initially revealed in the air of Mars by the Mars Express space apparatus the European Space Agency in 2003. On Earth, generally methane in the environment is transformed by living things. Suspected methane gas in the Martian air has been there since 300 years back. That is, whatever the source, the vicinity of gas as of late.

Indeed, in this way, the gas methane can additionally show up on the outside of life, for example from volcanic movement. Esa's Exomars space apparatus that will be started in 2016 will test the synthetic sythesis of the climates of Mars and study the vicinity of methane in there.

3. Where is the Mars sea?

Numerous missions to Mars discovered confirmation that the planet ever had conditions warm enough so the water does not solidify and can stream on its surface. The confirmation which incorporate ranges, for example the previous ocean, valley systems, waterway deltas, and follow minerals that structured by water as.

Indeed, in this way, Mars atmosphere models can't illustrate how hotter temperatures that could happen, given the much weaker daylight first. There are charges, the above shapes are structured not by water, however by winds or different systems. Yet still there is confirmation that Mars was once warm enough to underpin the being of fluid water, in any event in one place on its surface.

4. Is there water stream on the surface of Mars today?

In spite of the fact that the greater part of the confirmation proposes that water once streamed on the surface of Mars, is still a riddle is still no running water on the surface of the planet around then. Defaces air force is excessively level, in the ballpark of one-hundredth the force on Earth so troublesome to be in the surface water. However there is a dim and limit ways on the inclines of Mars that gave ascent to the thought that there is streaming water every spring.

5. Is there life on Mars?

The foremost shuttle to truly arrive on Mars, Nasa's Viking 1, raises the astound that are still abstruse today: Is there confirmation of life on Mars? Viking is a vehicle that is in particular allocated to search for life on Mars, and what is considered is as of now being bantered right up 'til the present time. The shuttle have ran across the being of natural particles, for example methyl chloride and dichloromethane. Nonetheless, these mixes could be the defilement of the Earth is escaping when a vehicle slid on Earth.

The surface of Mars itself is not antagonistic to living things regarding exceptionally level temperatures, radiation, dry conditions, and different variables. Indeed, in this way, there are animals that can get by in compelling situations on Earth, for example in the Antarctic Dry Valleys are chilly and dry, or exceptionally dry area in the Atacama Desert in Chile.

In principle, there is dependably life, as there is fluid water on Earth. Ever the conceivability of seas on Mars raises the inquiry of if life ever existed there. Provided that there is, if to date the living animals that still exist? The solution for that address may assist shed some light on the inquiry how normal is life in the universe.

6. Is life on Earth originated from Mars?

Shooting stars discovered in Antarctica and are from Mars-tossed from the red planet by crashes of vast shake has a structure comparative to that processed microorganisms on Earth. Despite the fact that further studies indicated that the structure was shaped because of concoction instead of organic courses of action, verbal confrontations on Mars as the root of life on Earth proceeds. Some individuals still hold the hypothesis that life on Earth hailed from Mars, and carried to Earth with shooting stars.

7. Can people live on Mars?

To answer if life ever existed or still exist on Mars, maybe individuals need to go there and search for yourself.

In 1969, Nasa had arranged a manned mission to Mars in 1981 and build a changeless station there in 1988. In any case it assembled interplanetary trip of logical and mechanical tests are not little.

The researchers needed to overcome different issues of interplanetary voyage, for example sustenance, water, oxygen, micro-gravity impacts, the probability of destructive radiation, and the way that the space explorers who go there will be millions of miles from Earth so it was not simple to get assist if something happens. Also, arrive, function, and life on different planets then afterward come back to Earth is not a simple matter.

Indeed, thus, numerous analysts who need to do that mission. In the not so distant future, six volunteers were secluded life as the space apparatus for 520 days in a task called Mars500. Longest space flight recreation plans to copy a trek to Mars.

Numerous volunteers ready to travel to Mars in spite of the fact that the probability can't be returned. Different arrangements were additionally made, for instance by sending the first rock-consuming microorganisms, before people carried. Consider if people will ever set foot on Mars is still reliant on the excuse for why, why we may as well attempt to investigate the red planet. 

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Benefits Ants Nest For Health

Ground dwelling insect homes are enhanced by the substance of numerous distinctive sorts of mixes, vitamins and minerals make the burrowing little creature settle as a panacea for numerous sorts of infections mengempur both constant and normal sicknesses. Here are a few clarifications of the profits of ground dwelling insect homes to assist forestall, adapt to and treat infections, for example:

1. Disease and tumors

Different sorts of tumors and disease is one sort of ceaseless sickness and known tumor and growth is a sort of fatal illness that killed people. Numerous sorts of growth are known which might be cured by similar to an ant colony dwelling place mind disease, nasal malignancy, breast growth, liver malignancy (liver), lung growth, colon disease, uterine disease, skin disease, prostate malignancy, and blood malignancy (leukemia) , aside from diseases of the throat and oral depression.

The observational (genuine experience) burrowing little creature home can cure different sorts of disease or tumor. This is validated by the vicinity of the flavonoid has adequacy against malignancy cells and in addition tumor units, for example inactivation of carcinogens, against expansion, hindrance of cell cycle, actuation of apoptosis and separation, angiogenesis hindrance, and inversion of multi-medication safety or a fusion of these components.

2. Heart clutters, particularly coronary heart

It holds calcium and potassium and also the substance of different minerals held in the burrowing little creature home can likewise be utilized as medications to handle ailments, for example coronary illness.

3. Nor Light Stroke Weight

Medication of stroke is identified with the probability of a multi-mineral substance held in the ground dwelling insect home.

4. Heaps (Hemorrhoids)

Ant colony dwelling place that has a mind blowing capability with the flavonoid and sufficiently high tanninnya can likewise cure hemorrhoids or heaps, both old and new. Known through the exploration procedure is as of now clinically demonstrated both the substance of the compound can treat hemorrhoids / heaps.

5. Protuberance Lumps In Breasts

Protuberances in the breast is a manifestation of swelling that could be said to be part of the onset of indications or indications of breast disease. Burrowing little creature homes can likewise be utilized to treat bosom protuberances with working power flavonoid intensifies that can obliterate a gathering of liquid was the explanation for a breast knot.

6. Kidney and Prostate Function impedance

With the substance of cell reinforcements (flavonoids and tocopherol) and also different minerals can restore kidney capacity and prostate and in addition kidney and prostate keep still work well.

7. Monthly cycle and Leucorrhea

Monthly cycle or monthly cycle is a normal that happens each month encountered by ladies and whiteness additionally be a deterrent and interruption encountered by ladies and can meddle with sexual intercourse with an accomplice. With flavonoids, tannins, and mineral substance, for example calcium and zinc can treat issues of whiteness and unleash a lady's menstrual cycle.

8. Circulatory started

Notwithstanding the high cell reinforcement substance of flavonoids and tocopherol can speed up and overcome menstrual release. Both the substance additionally serves to upgrade blood dissemination and oxygen in the figure with the goal that the figure gets the parity of oxygen and blood.

9. Headache (migraines)

Headache or headache migraines can influence anybody not know the age, this is brought about by a blockage or blood course and the oxygen and the tissue around the cerebrum and nerve units in the head does not work optimally. Ant colony dwelling place ready to restore the capability of mind units, nerve units and tissues around the head work more optimal and it works well on the grounds that it holds flavonoids and minerals, for example calcium, sodium and magnesium.

10. Lung Disease (Tbc)

Lung malady or tuberculosis (Tb) are the primary explanations for the most well-known and is created by a great deal of awful propensities that served as dynamic smokers, high liquor utilization, et cetera. Burrowing little creature home is otherwise called a really great antivirus can treat this sort of malady.

11. Ailment (Gout)

Rheumatic or joint skeletal substance or joint issue that more often than not strike at the period of menopause. However ailment or gout does not simply ambush somebody in menopause, joint pain can likewise strike the adolescents and grown-ups.

Ailment or gout could be treated with burrowing little creature utilizing the capacity of flavonoids as inhibitors of xanthine and cell reinforcement compounds, and tocopherol as a cell reinforcement and multi-minerals held in the ground dwelling insect home.

12. Nasal Allergy scatters, nosebleeds, wheezing

The aggravates that are answerable for this jumble are cell reinforcements (tocopherol and flavonoids) and tannins.

13. Ulcer torment (Stomach)

Like tuberculosis, which assume a part in the medication of ulcers is a flavonoid held in the burrowing little creature settle as an antibacterial.

14. Started and Improving breastfeeding

Burrowing little creature home is likewise exceptionally exceptional dikonsusmi by moms who are breastfeeding to help the creation and nature of drain that makes toddlers healthier, than the ground dwelling insect home can quicken the recuperating procedure and recuperation of stamina and post-natal health and restore the thickness of the female sex organs.

15. Restoring Sexual Arousal

High cell reinforcement substance (tocopherol and flavonoids) and multi-mineral plant burrowing little creature settles suspected to have a significant part in expanding sexual arousal.

16. Restoring Stamina Body

High cell reinforcement substance (tocopherol and flavonoids) and multi-minerals in plant burrowing little creature settles suspected to have a significant part in restoring freshness and stamina. 

Sugar Benefits For Skin

Outdated of sugar, it can make your skin smooth, solid and brilliant? Don't accept? Attempt it with a healthy skin sugar clean.

Sugar commonplace Closer

Sugar might be transformed into a mixed bag of wonderfulness items, particularly to relax the skin. From some research, sugar holding substances are useful conditioner evacuates dead skin units. That is the reason in numerous spa focuses on the planet, the sugar has long been reputed to be one of the parts for adequate skin. Meaning of sugar could be separated into numerous sorts, the first day by day sugar added to nourishments and refreshments, for example sugar utilization frequently us.

The second sort is the characteristic sugar held in sustenance box of leafy foods that have a regularly sweet quality, for example watermelon, melon and the like.

Sugar that we use regarding synthetic regarded as sucrose acquired from sugar stick or palm wine with a long streamlined courses of action. Likewise it is otherwise called grape sugar (dextrose), soil grown foods sugar (fructose), glucose syrup, milk sugar (lactose), and so on.

Yet when all is said in done, don't hold vitamin sugar, has no (strand), and just a modest measure of mineral menagndung, yet it holds enough calories, in the ballpark of 394 kcal in 100 grams of material. That is to say, the sugar is a wellspring of calories that unfortunate wholesome quality. On the grounds that all the significant parts, for example vitamins, minerals along these lines lost throughout the sugar refining methodology, so all that remains is a substance that can reason different ailments.

History Sugar In Beauty

Sugar and wonderfulness has had a long history, and has been utilized by individuals from diverse parts of the planet. As per chronicled records, number of inhabitants in the South Pacific Islands area initially revealed the sugar stick or sugar blocks that develop commonly in their neighborhood. A few years after the fact, in the times of the Roman Empire, Poppea Sabina, the second wife of the Emperor Nero to utilize a mixture of nectar, sugar and drain for skin health management. Consistent with records of the planet wonders for sugar, Egyptian ladies have had an exceptional invention of natural sugar and lemon are stirred up like pasta, and utilized as a clean to get the skin smooth and white. 

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Benefits Of Chocolate For Your Heart

Cardiovascular disease (stroke and coronary heart disease) is the leading cause of death in many countries. In 2002, the disease causes more than 16.7 million deaths in the world. Research shows that lifestyle factors are derived principally from food and drink everyday to be the main cause of the development of cardiovascular disease. Excessive caloric intake and mainly derived from the type of bad fat increases the risk of this disease.

For centuries, chocolate is known not only because it tastes delicious, but also health benefits. Incas even considered chocolate as a beverage of the gods. So no wonder the Latin name of chocolate, which is Theobroma cacao, the Greek language was derived theo (god) and Broma (drinks). Estimated consumption of chocolate was first started in the year 1600 BC. In this century, the Aztec emperor, Montezuma, who is a fan of chocolate, chocolate drinks mentioned that as a divine drink, which builds the body's defenses and fight fatigue. No wonder Aztecs called this drink as chocolatl6.

After further investigation it turns out the cocoa beans, which produces chocolate, rich in polyphenols. Chocolate products known to contain polyphenols which is far more than tea and wine is about 611 mg / serving and 564 mg flavonoids epicatechin / dish. Active compounds in chocolate can also provide protection against cardiovascular disease is to work as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, increase HDL (good) cholesterol, lower blood pressure and improve vascular function darah1, 3.

Not just a chocolate bar, the consumption of foods containing chocolate also provide similar protection against heart disease. Studies that have been conducted on the Kuna Indians, Panama native population, memperihatkan that the incidence of hypertension and cardiovascular disease mortality is very low due to the habit of the Kuna Indians who consume foods containing chocolate is rich in flavonoids. Not only food, a study by Fraga et al demonstrated that consumption of chocolate milk on a regular basis to help reduce the amount of bad cholesterol by up to 15% 4.

Surely this is good news for those who had regularly consumed chocolate milk every day. Not only the benefits of vitamins and essential minerals such as calcium for bone obtained from a glass of milk, but also protecting the health of the heart.

10 Things First Appeared on the Internet

Internet with all things pulling makes us sometimes wonder how can all the information we can find on the internet, but from the long journey the Internet must have a lot of history that is created.

1. Internet appears first in the world
In 1492, Christopher Columbus and his crew claim to have discovered America called 'New World'. Nearly five hundred years later, in 1969, in the 'New World' is found again the world is none other than the 'Virtual Worlds'. Of course the inventor is no longer Columbus and his crew, but the IT technician in the Department of Defense (DoD) United States.

Through the projects ARPA / ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network), the technicians based in the Pentagon was demonstrated how the computer hardware and software based on UNIX, people can communicate in an infinite distance through telephone lines. ARPANET project subsequently designing a network, reliability, and how much information can be transferred. Results of the project which is the forerunner to the development of a new protocol which is now known as TCP / IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol).

Initially, the ARPANET was made for the sake of national security the United States (U.S.) and only connect 4 sites belonging of Stanford Research Institute, University of California, Santa Barbara, University of Utah, where they form a unified network in 1969. After that, the ARPANET was introduced widely in October 1972.

Not long after the project was growing rapidly in a number of states to attract interest from a number of universities in the U.S. to join. This makes ARPANET difficult to manage. To overcome this, the ARPANET was split into two, namely "MILNET" for military purposes (national security) and the "ARPANET" new smaller for non-military purposes, such as universities. Combined both networks eventually known as the DARPA Internet, which then reduces again to the Internet alias 'Virtual Worlds'.

2. Website First in the world
The first website that appears in cyberspace also marks the beginnings of the World Wide Web, aka 'www' was made by Sir Timothy John "Tim" Berners-Lee on August 6, 1991. He then orbit http://nxoc01.cern.ch as the first site and then followed with http://nxoc01.cern.ch/hypertext/WWW/TheProject.html who became the first web page. Unfortunately the site is dead but you still can see a copy here. Well, next to display the website earlier, he uses computer NeXTcube as a web server that makes computers for USD 6,500 as the first web server in the world.

In 1994, Sir Tim Berners-Lee founded the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is still serving as chairman. Contribute him in the virtual world is very large because of the World Wide Web which is a result of his work is not patented so until now we still could use freely. For services that, Sir Tim Berners-Lee was awarded an honorary KBE by Queen Elizabeth II on July 16, 2004.

- Website First in Indonesia
In Indonesia, there is no accurate information about who was first to create a web site. Clearly, the internet was not recognized widely in our country in 1994 and at that time some websites created by Indonesian people only ride hosting at several universities abroad because of the status of those who are studying there.

After graduating and returning to Indonesia, of course sites that made it is no longer accessible because it was deleted by the university owner hosting. The only thing that may be left is the site pak Budi Rahardjo: http://indonesia.elga.net.id who claims to be the first website that provides information about Indonesia. According to Mr. Budi Rahardjo, its website existed before Netscape browser was found in 1994 and today it is still riding hosting at the University of Manitoba, Canada so the addressable url http://www.umanitoba.ca/indonesian.

3. Domain First in the world
DNS (Domain Name Server / Service) or often called the 'Domain' only serves to facilitate Internet users when access to the server to translate the IP address of the computer. Domain was first made in 1984 which consists of a top level domain like [dot] COM,. ORG,. EDU,. GOV,. MIL and ccTLD.

-Date March 15 1985, domain first commercial (. Com) registered in the name Symbolics.com by computer company Symbolics Inc.., Followed by 5 domain following: bbn.com (24 April 1985), think.com (May 24, 1985), mcc.com (July 11, 1985) dec.com, (30 September 1985) northrop.com (7 November 1985) In April 1985, the domain is reserved for educational institutions [. edu] was first registered in the name of cmu.edu, purdue. edu, rice.edu and ucla.edu
-June 1985, the domain is reserved for government institutions [. Gov.] was first registered in the name of css.gov
-July 1985, the domain is reserved for the organization [. Org] was first registered in the name of mitre.org
-As of June 2010, according to statistics DomainTools, there were 119,928,149 domain is active and 87,818,851 of which are domain [. Com]
-The domain name longest (63 characters) is owned by the three following domains: http://www.thelongestlistofthelonges...atlonglast.com http://iamtheproudownerofthelongestl...nthisworld.com http://www.llanfairpwllgwyngyllgoger ... chuchaf.org.uk

-Domain shortest (1 character) is owned by several companies leading the world, but the most famous is the domain owned by Google: g.cn

4. E-mail the first in the world
In 1971, Ray Tomlinson initiated the project SNDMSG. Then he continued his experiments by using the file protocol called CYPNET so the program SNDMSG can send messages to other computers that are on the ARPANET. That was the beginning of the creation of an 'e-mail' or electronic mail. E-mail messages are first sent Ray, and an e-mail that the First in the world is "QWERTYUIOP".

5. Search Engine first in the world
Long before Google ruled the world search engine (search engines), their progress has been pioneered by Alan Emtage, who was still a student at McGill University, Canada. In 1990, he made a search engine first in the world with the ability is still limited, named "Archie" (taken from the archives). Archie then followed by "Veronica", "Jughead" and "Wandex" in 1993. The big players emerged a few years later; Google (1998), Yahoo! Search (2004), and MSN (2005; merged into Bing in 2009)

6. First browser in the world
The "World Wide Web" alias "www" performed by Sir Timothy John "Tim" Berners-Lee in 1991 was not only marked the emergence of the first website in the world but also gave birth to a web browser (browser / web browser) first in the world. Furthermore in order not to confuse, Sir Berners Lee then rename the browser to "Nexus", then refined into "libwww".

7. Instant Messenger first in the world
Dated 22 April 1993, Marc Andreessen through the project the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) released a browser that is more sophisticated: Mosaic. Because its a 'user friendly' and was able to load images, Mosaic became popular and is often regarded as the 'first browser to actually'. In 1994, Marc Andreessen out of the project NCSA and released the Netscape Navigator browser. Netscape then sank Mosaic and become the ruler of the browser. The next year appeared a tough competitor: Internet Explorer production of Microsoft. Competition Netscape and Internet Explorer (IE) in the period 1995 to 1998 is known as the "Browser Wars". IE is a winner of the browser wars to this day still dominate the browser market with the statistical number of users approximately 60% was overshadowed by Firefox 24% and Chrome 7%.

8. First blog in the world
Features chat-chatingan (instant messenger) is already there when the Internet began to be known in 1969, but is recognized as the program instant messenger first is ICQ works Yair Goldfinger, Arik Vardi, Sefi Vigiser, and Amnon Amir, who was released in November 1996. Yahoo! Mesengger emerged in 1998 and to this day still dominate the market instant messenger.

9. Social Networking world's first
"Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life". That's about the definition of social networking by Mark Zuckerberg. However, Zuckerberg is not the first since a similar concept was initiated by Classmates.com in 1995 making it the largest social network in the world. In 1997, SixDegrees.com present complete features Classmates.com and inspired a number of social networking sites such notables as Friendster (2002), MySpace (2003), Facebook (2004) and Twitter (2006).

10. Internet Hoax first in the world
Hoax or false news almost every day we get on the internet. In fact each of April 1, we can be sure we will receive a hoax related to sporting April Fools. Incidentally also, hoax was first circulated on the Internet on April 1, 1984, reported that the (ex state) Soviet Union would join the network Usenet in the U.S..

7 Wonders After Crying

Who says there's no point crying? Eventually cry it can make eyes red and swollen. But make no mistake, crying and tears it could be a wonder drug that is useful for the health of body and mind. What is it?

Quoted from Beliefnet, the 7 wonders who he can get after crying and watery eyes.

1. Improve visibility
Tears turned out to help the vision of a person, not just the eye itself. Discharge from the eyes to prevent dehydration in the eye membrane that can make the vision becomes blurred.

2. Kill bacteria
No need eye drops, enough tears that serves as a natural antibacterial. Contained in the tear fluid called lisozom that can kill around 90-95 percent of the bacteria-bakteriyang behind computer keyboards, railings, sneezing and places containing bacteria, in just 5 minutes.

3. Improve mood
Someone who can cry lower levels of depression with crying, mood will be lifted again. Tears resulting from type to cry with emotion it contains 24 percent protein albumin are useful in regulating the body's metabolic system than tears resulting from irritation of the eyes.

4. Remove toxins
Biochemist William Frey has conducted several studies on
tears and found that tears came out of the emotional cry because it turned out to contain poison.
But make no mistake, the release of a toxic tear it signifies that it carries toxins from the body and mengeluarkannyalewat eyes.

5. Reduce stress
How crying can reduce stress? Tears were also secrete stress hormones contained in the body of the endorphin leucine-enkaphalin and prolactin.
In addition to lowering levels of stress, tears also help fight diseases caused by stress such as high blood pressure.

6. Building a community
In addition to good physical health, crying can also help a person build a community. Usually a person in tears after telling the problem in front of his friends or someone who could provide support, and it can improve the ability to communicate and socialize.

7. Comforting feeling
It seems everyone feels that way. Although you suffered a variety of problems and trials, but after crying usually appears relieved.

After crying, the limbic system, the brain and the heart will be smooth, and it makes a person feel better and relieved. Take out the problem in your mind through the tears, not because you can cry buried explosive.
So, why not if my friend unikers cry occasionally.

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